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CGN Ming involved in 121 Mining Investment Conference
Released at:11:21:00 2019-10-24

Chen Deshao, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of CGN Ming, was invited to attend the 2019 121 Mining Investment Hong Kong on October 22 and 23, in which he delivered a keynote speech titled Seize the Power of Cycle and Grasp Long-term Opportunities.

Chen predicted the uranium price increase in the future based on the imbalance between regions in natural uranium demand & supply, the imbalance between natural uranium production and development prospects of nuclear power, and the previous trends of global natural uranium prices. He also shared the considerations of CGN Ming in screening potential projects in the industry. He believes that when it come to the investment of uranium resources, one must think independently and not blindly rely on the price index issued by a third party to make decisions, and grasp the cost advantage in time to lay out the next industry cycle in advance.

The 121 Mining Investment Conference is held eight times annually in 5 cities, including New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Cape of Good Hope, gathering many mining companies and investment professionals from all over the world and playing a major role in the international Mining industry.


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