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CGN Ming holds 2019 Annual General Meeting
Released at:11:13:00 2019-06-20

     The CGN  Ming 2019 annual general meeting of shareholders was held in a conference room of Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel at 10:30 on June 14. Yu Zhiping, Chairman of the Board of Directors, served as the chairman of the meeting and presided over the meeting. Other attendees include An Junjing, the Executive Director and CEO, Chen Deshao, the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Gao Peiji and Li Guodong, the Independent Non-Executive Directors, and Zheng Xiaowei, the General Counsel and Board Secretary.

    The meeting passed the financial report of CGN as of December 31, 2018, and deliberated and approved the distribution of the 2018 final dividend, the retiring and re-election of directors, the general issuance and the repurchase of authorization.

      As the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and the Listing Rules require, the company shall hold the general meeting annually. The annual general meeting serves an important platform for listed companies to display the strength and image, as well as an important window for investors to understand the companies’ operations, which is conducive to promoting better communication between investors and company management & shareholders, and enhancing the companies’ understanding of investor needs.


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